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Financial Services

Drive agility in banking and financial services with advanced data analytics

Digitization and data analytics are transforming financial institutions 
In the rapidly changing financial ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly challenging for banking and financial institutions to stay differentiated and gain a competitive edge. Success in the financial marketplace depends on amplifying the customer experience while leveraging intelligent insights for strategic decision making— only possible with a data-driven approach.

Make your mark with data analytics solutions from ABG

Delivering digital experiences such as tailored products and services based on usage and behaviour is now the mainstay of the financial sector. This has to be done factoring in regulation and compliance requirements as well as growing security concerns. ABG’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-embedded data analytics solutions enable you to monitor regulations, heighten the understanding of risk, manage fraud efficiently, measure customer eligibility and product profitability, make informed operational decisions and much more. The result: your financial institution is empowered to uncover trends, derive insights in real time and strengthen focus on driving business growth.

ABG’s Data Analytics Solutions for the Finance Industry

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation plays the critical role of providing financial and banking institutions with new capabilities to meet the changing needs of the digital ecosystem. ABG’s data-driven digital transformation solutions powered with AI and machine learning equips your institution to meet rising customer expectations, offer personalized experiences, lower operational costs and retain your competitive edge.

Customer Experience

Customer experience has become the single biggest differentiator in banking and financial services. Leverage ABG’s data and analytics solutions to learn about your customers individually and in real-time—enabling you to create unique and customized experiences relevant and inspired by their unique requirements.

Financial Crime and Fraud Analytics

Money laundering, payment frauds, identity thefts, etc. are just a few examples of many financial crimes that a bank or financial institution has to deal with today. ABG’s data analytics solutions embedded with AI and machine learning helps you discover potential threats faster and in real-time—empowering you to move from a reactive to proactive approach.

Risk, Compliance and Security

Comprehensive risk solutions and enhanced security solutions are required for your organisation’s long and short-term strategies to be successful. Utilize ABG’s bespoke risk compliance and security solution to reduce time and cost, effectively meet compliance demands, strengthen your cybersecurity posture and enhance the credit and regulatory risk management processes.

Financial Management and Operational Analysis

Employing a data-first approach in financial management and operations is vital for strategic decision making needed for growth acceleration and productivity enhancement. ABG’s AI-powered data analytics solutions help you gain real-time and relevant insights to deliver a better customer experience, boost operational efficiency and maximise ROI.

Discover how ABG can help you build robust financial services of the future.

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