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Leverage data analytics for intelligent government services

Data analytics—vital for smart governance 

In the fast changing digital landscape, public sector and government agencies are increasingly evaluating and implementing digital transformation strategies in order to roll out effective citizen services in the most convenient manner. A data and analytics approach helps governments harness valuable insights to create more responsive and effective solutions for a wide range of public issues.

Unlock value for your citizens with ABG 

An integrated data analytics solution will improve the quality and accessibility of structured and unstructured data to identify real-time trends enabling you to deliver better public services, enhance public safety and accelerate citizen solutions for effective governance.

ABG’s analytics solutions including data architecture, Internet of Things (IoT) analytics and embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides end-to-end management and transformation of data stored in silos into actionable information. Ensure accurate, prompt, cost-effective and sustainable governance decisions for citizen empowerment.

ABG’s Analytics Solutions for Government and Public Sector

Public Security & Policing

A real-time operational view is the key to crime prevention, proactive policing and effective traffic management. ABG’s solutions integrate streams of data into actionable intelligence that enables governments to proactively detect, prevent and manage all aspects related to public security and policing.

Social Service Programmes

Operational efficiency and prompt delivery of benefits are vital to social service programmes being a success. Through advanced integrated data analytics, ABG helps in the proactive implementation of government social welfare policies, including detection of fraudulent activities and tracking of customer-government interactions for improved social security.

Infrastructure & Transportation

Predictive maintenance analytics and real-time actionable insights are critical to reducing costs and improving operations of assets. ABG leverages data management and IoT solutions embedded with AI to build and run effective public transportation and infrastructure systems

Smart Cities & Communities

Smart city ecosystems need integrated data and analytics at the core for holistic digital transformation. 

Driven by AI-enabled IoT solutions, ABG’s data architecture for Smart Cities and Communities optimise city operations providing effective citizen and community services in a secure and cost-effective manner.

Choose ABG for smarter governance and improved public service solutions.

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