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Utilities And Energy

Data analytics—powering smart utilities & energy

Actionable insights will drive efficiency in utilities & energy

As the utilities & energy markets move to embrace the smart revolution with connected solutions, there is an increasing need to aggregate structured and unstructured data for actionable business insights. Adopting data-driven digital transformation will enable improved operational efficiency, better demand forecasting, effective management of energy constraints, and improved customer satisfaction through the discovery of new customer usage patterns.

Discover the power of data analytics with ABG

As a utilities and energy provider, your critical infrastructure and integrated Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem needs a structured and strategic data analytics approach that ensures actionable insights along with scalability and security.  ABG’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)-embedded data analytics solution, customized to your specific requirements, can transform your business operations with proactive asset management, real-time demand forecasting, and predictive detection of anomalies, regulatory compliance and customer analytics for an improved utility-customer relationship.

ABG’s Data Analytics Solutions for Utilities & Energy

Energy Forecast & Demand Management

Managing of future demands require smart insights for load, price and renewable energy forecasting. ABG’s data and analytics solutions leverage AI and machine learning to extract granular insights for making accurate real-time predictions—enabling you to optimise demand management and energy forecasting for greater ROI.

Operational Analytics

Creating a competitive advantage in the energy & utilities space requires intelligent insights to mitigate existing risks and explore new business opportunities.  ABG’s Operational analytics solutions can effectively impact decision making to solve complex problems, transform IoT-enabled predictive maintenance of assets, facilities and the grid, and provide insights to plan for evolving business realities.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

A high level of transparency is required to ensure that all regulatory requirements and risk management activities are in compliance with existing guidelines. ABG’s expertise in data and analytics along with an intelligent framework can help you gain compliance with all regulatory policies and detect any non-compliant activities to prevent penalties.

Optimise your operations by tapping the power of intelligent data analytics.

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