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Data Architecture

Channelise your business processes by enabling rapid data integration

An agile enterprise data architecture model is key to meeting today’s business requirements

Deploying efficient business strategy in today’s fast changing data landscape requires a data management framework that operates in real time.  Whether it is leveraging consumer insights, optimising sales and operations, or preventing fraud—a robust data architecture framework is foundational to take your business to the next level.

Achieve your enterprise data management goals with ABG

Your data-driven business requires modern data architecture solutions that support people, processes and technology. Transform your data strategy, data-driven intelligence and insights by leveraging our data management solutions. 

At ABG, our proven methodologies, processes and practices, can help you effectively move your data architecture to real-time/near real-time information gathering and analysis, create an Enterprise Information Model (EIM) and implement a data governance and data quality framework.

Get end-to-end Data Architecture Services with ABG!

Data Governance

The processes that govern data usability, security and availability are vital to ensuring that your enterprise derives the most from your data. ABG’s data governance expertise has well-developed processes to mitigate compliance risks while ensuring overall data management.

Data Quality

High data quality needs to be preserved at all times to ensure effective business strategy. At ABG, we help contextualise, profile, design and monitor data quality to ensure that useful data is available across your enterprise.

Data Integration

Consistent, authentic and accurate data is an indispensable and critical part of an organisational strategy. ABG’s data integration transforms unstructured and structured data into valuable information that can be utilised for real-time decision making.

Customer Intelligence

A deeper understanding of your customers is the key to establishing meaningful relationships. Utilise our integrated data architecture solutions to gain deep insight, build and enrich your customer experience journey.

Risk, Compliance & Security

Developing sound risk, compliance & security processes are integral to the success of your data management and data integration initiatives. 

ABG’s data architecture solutions ensure that risk security & compliance requirements are adequately assessed and mitigated to meet global standards.

Digital Transformation

Data Architecture is the foundation for digital transformation. Embark on a seamless digital transformation journey with our intuitive solutions for data integration and data management.



Leverage the power of data and analytics to optimize operations and monitor networks.

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Enable data-driven digital transformation for service effectiveness and citizen happiness.

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Financial Services

Streamline financial services and amplify customer experience with be-spoke data and analytics solutions.

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Utilities And Energy

Power the future of utilities and energy with structured and strategic data analytics solutions.

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Increase your operational effectiveness with ABG’s Data Architecture Solutions.

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