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Data analytics solutions for digital transformation of networks and business operations

Data Analytics—key to success in Telecommunication 

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have taken on the vital role of agents of convergence in the present digital landscape. They require rapid digital transformation capabilities that enable flexibility and innovation to cater to changing customer demands and upgraded network architecture. A comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI)-embedded data and analytics solution becomes important to reduce business risk, prevent fraud, achieve seamless network optimization, and gain customer insights to reduce churn and open new revenue streams.

Become a Telecommunications market leader with ABG

Telecom networks form the epicentre of technological growth. To gain a competitive edge, your telecommunication business needs to move from providing reactive to proactive solutions—only possible with a robust data and analytics strategy in place. 

ABG helps you integrate the data gathered from your operational and business support systems (OSS and BSS) to provide an enhanced view that can bring you increased business agility. Data lying in your network systems is tapped to provide unique and insightful solutions that facilitate crucial connections for optimum network management and valuable service offerings for your customers.

ABG’s Analytics Solutions for the Telecommunication Industry

Network Analytics

Network maintenance and designing of network pathways based on siloed data from operating systems can prove to be expensive and tricky. ABG integrates data from diverse sources and employs AI and machine learning to build an analytics ecosystem that reduces complexity and ensures critical performance along with scalability and security.

Customer experience

The highly competitive telecommunications ecosystem requires micro-segmented campaigns to reduce customer churn. By integrating customer data across multiple channels, ABG provides a 360-degree view of customer intelligence to predict, churn and define connected customer experience journeys across touchpoints.

Telecom Fraud Analytics

Accuracy in detecting and blocking telecom fraud is important to protect your business and to ensure network operations are not disconnected. Make use of ABG’s AI and advanced data analytics to detect fraud in real-time, identify attacks and take action immediately—leading to increased profits and inventory protection.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

A single source of truth that integrates data from disparate sources is essential for effective data governance and compliance reporting. ABG’s intelligent data governance helps telcos navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance and risk management.

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