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Amplify your value with ABG's strategic partnerships

Leveraging humanoids across Industry verticals to drive inhanced customer experience

ABG has embraced the Robotics and AI trends and became early adaptors in the GCC and MENA regions of the future technologies. Through an ecosystem of solutions that serve as channels for its customers to automate their services such as Banks, Healthcare providers, Educational institutions, Libraries and retailers. ABG integrates futuristic technologies to provide to its customers different levels of options for being ahead of competition.

Humanoid Robots’ Solutions

ABG develops and deploys professional applications for collaborative robots. By placing the UX user experience at the center of our concerns, we make the relationship with the machines natural and intuitive. Our knowledge enables us to imagine a new communication channel between the robot and the user, perfectly integrated into the information system. We aid our customers choose the right robot and develop the software that will create value for their businesses to the banking, retail, airports and healthcare sectors.

Our fully customized solutions rely on a core platforms for each business sector and backend applications that make the experience for the customer seamless and effort free to embrace the robot experience and merge it into their businesses.


Pepper is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions. Pepper was optimized for human interaction and is able to engage with people through conversation and his touch screen.

Pepper is available today for businesses and schools. Over 2,000 companies around the world have adopted Pepper as an assistant to welcome, inform and guide visitors in an innovative way.

ABG is a certified robotics distributor and solutions developer from Softbank Robotics, providing end to end robotics solution for its customers serving most businesses sectors

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Technologies & Expertise

ABG has integrated its retail customer's CMS into the Android application to display the latest promotions and product details
ABG has enabled sending promotion details through mail/sms through the applications
ABG has integrated the chatbot in Android Apps and added bilingual chatbot, having generated multiple human interaction scenarios in both English and Arabic languages
Cognitive computing
ABG detects the human emotion in the greeting screen and Pepper will respond accordingly
IT system integration
ABG has integrated Google firebase cloud as a backend to the Android Apps
ABG displays Google maps in applications to show the customers around the branches and the navigation information
Proactive Engagement
ABG has created proactive engagement in the applications so that  Pepper can approach the prospective human and initiate a conversation with him/her
QR code/ Barcode scanning
ABG has added a QR code reader to the retail application that enables  pepper to scan loyalty membership cards
Robot animation editor
ABG has created a module in the education app that enables  the users to create customized Pepper movements


Pepper in Banking

ABG’s Banking Application on Pepper enables branches to attract people's attention, enhance customer engagement and add a fun and interactive element to the banking experience. Pepper is able to take on tasks such as issuing branch queueing tokens, presenting information about products and services in an engaging manner.

Pepper in Retail

ABG’s Retail Application on Pepper enables retailers create a WOW effect in a shopping environment. It helps retailers gain more insights about their customers, upsell products, raise brand awareness, and improve shopping experience.

Pepper in Healthcare

Pepper can create a nature link with patients through conversations and its competencies. It can help patients book an appointment, show the names and time slots available of doctors, guide patients inside a hospital, gather feedback and record complaints.

Pepper in Schools

Pepper can be employed as a teacher assistant and an entertainer for kids at schools, with enriched content embedded including word, letter and number games, songs, stories and curriculum reviewing. Our applications for education adds fun, entertainment and engagement to the education process.

Pepper in Libraries

Pepper with ABG application for libraries can integrate with libraries system and APIs to answer questions about libraries content, display books, play multimedia stories etc,. through its voice interactive capabilities it can communicate with library visitors and act as a friendly assistant enabling them to search for books, explore information and much more.